Our only business is research and our only job is ratings.

About Arbitron

About Arbitron Research and the Arbitron Radio Ratings

  • Arbitron has been in business since 1949. We are a leading research company known for producing U.S. radio ratings and media research nationwide. More than 800 people in our Maryland office help measure audiences and produce these research reports, alone or in partnership with third parties or other research companies.
  • Arbitron ratings reports a summary of how many people listen and what they listen to.
  • Radio stations and other media companies rely on the ratings and other research to make programming and other decisions based on feedback from people like you.
  • Media companies, advertisers, and other businesses also rely on this research to make decisions about the products and services they provide.

Your Part in the Arbitron Radio Ratings and Other Research

  • Because we can't ask everyone about their radio listening, we randomly choose households like yours to represent the people in your area.
  • We mail a radio diary to everyone in your home age 12 and over. Each person uses the diary to write down his or her listening.
  • When you and the others in your home write down what you hear on the radio in an Arbitron diary, you're providing information that helps radio stations decide what to broadcast.
  • While you are participating in the survey, we may contact you to see how you are doing.
  • When the survey week is over, simply mail all the diaries back to Arbitron. We’ve already paid the postage!

Completed diaries are the primary way radio stations learn what programs people want to hear. Do not miss this chance to let your voice be heard!

For questions, call us toll-free: 1-800-638-7091.